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2019 Draft Tiers

Here is your draft kit for the 2019 season. Tiers are generated from a clustering algorithm called a gaussian mixture model, using expert consensus data from The charts will be continually updated throughout the preseason and regular season. 

There are three components to the draft kit:
1. Top 200 Tier charts (below)
3. Position charts: QB - RB - WR - TE

The experts in the select pool are chosen based on individual experts' accuracy and have demonstrated consistent accuracy above the rest over several seasons. The list is:

John Paulsen,
Jeff Ratcliffe, Pro Football Focus
Justin Boone, theScore
Jake Ciely, RotoExperts
Mike Clay, ESPN
Patrick Thorman, Pro Football Focus
Sean Koerner, STATS
Sablich Brothers, 5th Down Fantasy

Be mindful that recent news may be slow to get reflected in these charts. Data is sourced from Fantasypros and not all experts push updated rankings regularly.

Good luck with your drafts, you can find me on twitter for questions and feedback.

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