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Guillotine Leagues

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added a new option to support a “Guillotine Style” type of league. See below for more info on how these leagues work. We’ve also priced them at a significant discount to our regular leagues, so they are a great way to get a 2nd league going with your friends or co-workers for the 2019 season! ...

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NFL Draft Weekend

The 2019 NFL Draft is in the books, and all of the NFL rookies are now loaded into the player database for your leagues here on Let the real excitement of the off-season begin! Don’t forget about our early bird discount pricing — purchase your league by June 10th to save $20.

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NFL Schedule Announced

The 2019 NFL schedule has been announced and is now updated on You’ll see the schedule and the bye weeks in all of the reports throughout your league as of this morning.

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2019 Enhancements

As always, we have a lot of improvements in store for the upcoming season. Here is an overview of changes that have already been made in February: The “Home Page Modules and Tabs” Setup screen has been completely updated to allow a full view of the tabs and modules being used for your league home page. Auctions and Blind Bidding ...

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2019 Leagues are Open

Fantasy Football Leagues Open

Welcome to the 2019 Fantasy Football season at!  You can now upgrade your league from last year and start setting up your 2019 league draft and other settings. Your 2018 league will remain as is, and it will be available for historical reference as needed anytime in the future. Some options that have been updated or enhanced for the 2019 ...

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New League Skins

You now have 18 new league skins available to choose from on the “Select a Skin” setup page!  They are all NFL team themed skins, so this latest addition fills out the available choices so that every NFL team is represented. No matter who your NFL allegiance belongs to, you can now dress up your league with your favorite team ...

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New Integrated Player Rankings

Today we introduced new Player Rankings from the pros over at These rankings will be updated on a daily basis throughout the pre-season (and continue to be updated throughout the regular season). You can view them in your league on the “Links” pull down menu under “Fantasy Links” and then “Player Rankings“.  In addition to the rankings, you’ll also ...

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New MFL User Accounts

We are back up and running after our scheduled 48-hour downtime.  During that outage, we upgraded our servers and infrastructure, and we also rolled out a new “Universal Login” or “Single Sign On” system for  This is a totally new login mechanism for all of the commissioners and owners that are used to the “old” system, so we understand that ...

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