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Should you get a scary UV photo of your skin damage?

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Karen Burns is the author of “The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl: Real-Life Career Advice You Can Actually Use.”
Karen Burns

Staying honest when your boss is not

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Summer Living

Instant Pot is better than a grill, say top cooks — even for burgers

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Energy efficiency

5 eco-friendly ways to lower your utility bills

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Outdoors Season

Cute to ferocious: The coolest animals you might spot on local hikes  VIEW

Fall is an excellent time to spot wild animals, as you can still access the highest hikes and the animals are in a flurry preparing for winter.

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(Getty Images)

The real reason you should stop eating lunch at your desk

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Local Deals

Sneak peek at top picks from REI’S Labor Day Sale  VIEW

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Celebrity Homes

Joe Montana’s 500-acre ranch relists for $20 million less

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To win support for your work idea, think like a marketer

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Black has never gone away (but it’s also back)  VIEW

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