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Asham Curling Supplies and Equipment - Shop Online - wholesale Cheap mlb/nhl/nfl/nba/ncaa/soccer jerseys

Best Selling Curling Products

Temporary Curling Tattoos

Show your pride with our latest temporary curling tattoos! Great for curling events, windups, or to cheer on your favorite team. These tattoos are very easy to use and are fast to apply.


Ultra Lite Taper Grip V2 Broom

Now even lighter!

Using the latest in Ultra Lite Carbon Fiber technology, Asham brings you the Ultra Lite Taper V2 Broom. Made from table-roled 3K and UD high modulus Carbon Fiber which cuts weight without comprimising strength and durability. The tapered external wall [...]


More Details

Club Full Sole Mens

This durable synthetic upper comes with a full 3/32" Teflon® slider, full rubber gripper and a slip on gripper. Ready to play and a great shoe for curlers of all ages.

Features and Benefits Stylish synthetic upper Durable and [...]


Curling Rock Graphic Socks

Be the talk of the club walking in with these.  These are a neat conversation piece or a great gift for that special curler in your life, or a neat gift for a bonspiel prize.

Sizes: S/M or M/L


Classic Poly Men's Pant

Using the traditional cotton/poly blend, this pant caters to curlers at all levels who are looking for the best in comfort. style and warmth. Elastic back, belt loops and button front.


TeflonĀ® 1/4" Disk

Our Ultra Lite Rotator sole makes it possible to change and customize your slider with any combination of our sliding disks. The sliding disks are attached to the shoe by way of Velcro® making it easy to change or replace your disks.

Over time small scratches will form in your [...]


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